August 30, 2020, Lectionary

God's name, a presence, a present-tense presence, God's name forever. Exodus 3:1-15

Compare the retelling of the Psalms to the telling in Genesis. In worship, they told the story of politics as if God was surely in charge. Psalm 105:1-6, 23-26

Do not repay evil for evil, retort for retort, insult for insult. Figure out what is noble and, in your own thinking, live peaceably with all people. Romans 12:9-21

Peter's refusal to listen as Jesus talked of the coming cross was like the devil offering power and apparent success without the cross. Matthew 4:8-11 and 16:21-28

Thoughts about Listening

Sometimes, good listening would require that I turn aside from some other things, actually turn my body to be fully present. Exodus 3:1-15

My resume has changed over the years, different according to the entity for which it was created. Psalm 105:1-6, 23-26

Living in peace among all people starts in my own thinking. Romans 12:9-21

Sometimes giving the gift of listening means just staying around during the bad times. Matthew 16:21-28