October 31, 2021, Lectionary

Regarding evangelism, Naomi was a strange one, urging the would-be converts not to follow her, but to go back to their previous way of life, to their other gods and men. Pondering. Ruth 1:1-18

Why should I praise the Lord? He made everything, keeps faith forever, executes justice, feeds the hungry, frees prisoners, opens blind eyes, lifts the bowed, protects strangers, supports orphans and widows. Let's remember this magnificence. Psalm 146

They used to think that a building, or blood or ashes from animals, could make their service and worship effective and pleasing to God. How much more will Jesus, by his own blood. Therefore, trust Jesus. Hebrews 9:11-14

Amidst all his "immediate" action, in Mark's record there are times when Jesus paused to look. He looked on the rich man and loved him. He saw the scribe's answer and said, "You're not far from the kingdom." What a blessing to be actually seen by someone. (Mark 10:17-22) Mark 12:28-34

Thoughts about Listening

Family people are often the most in need of our generous listening. This is difficult because we have heard it all before and we know how the conversation will end up. We can try something different. Ruth 1:1-18

If I can listen to how my own, or my institution's, policies hurt or oppress someone else, then I have gained great wisdom. Psalm 146

It's a fun exercise to consider things in equal, comparative, and superlative terms. Find out what you value, whether it be usefulness, beauty, or relationships. Hebrews 9:11-14

Feeling unheard can translate into feeling unseen, invisible. Mark 12:2-34