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Why I Wrote the Book

Hi, We're glad you came by. You came to a store of much great material, free and accessible. So look around this first page at the various menus and possibilities. Today is a good day for growing! Says Wilma Zalabak.

15 Reasons Why I Read the Bible

1.    To spend time with a Friend.
2.    To listen to a Friend.
3.    To connect with a Friend.
4.    To bathe my mind in divine thought.
5.    To satisfy my soul with beauty.
6.    To install positive thinking and loving.
7.    To announce visually my allegiance to God.
8.    To turn the devil away.
9.    To let the universe know whose side I’m on.
10.    To gather ideas to use in prayer.
11.    To collect words to use to tell my hope and joy.
12.    To become a storyteller.
13.    To expand my thinking.
14.    To sort out what I believe.
15.    To keep myself honest and avoid lies.

August 19, 2017, Statement

A statement: I and Grace Chapel Fellowship stand against, and renounce as evil, all forms of superiority, supremacy, and special exclusions whenever based on human race, gender, nationality, education, or resources. We stand against choices to use violence in word or act. We stand against raising of voice or body in threat, taunt, or bid for power over another person.

We stand with persons in their experiences of injury, exclusion, or subjugation. We stand for communication that holds space for respectful listening. We stand for faith, hope, and love between humans in the world.

Added, June 20, 2020: We stand specifically against racism where this term denotes the perception of differing value of persons based on their light or dark skin color. We stand against racism wherever it be entrenched in the systems among which we live our lives, and in our own thinking and deep reactions.

We stand for listening to voices too long silenced, to stories of people who need to tell them, and to conversations without destruction of life or property. We stand for hope.

25 Bible Reading Tips

For starters:

1.    Pray about it.
2.    Pick a place to start: Psalm 119, John, or Philippians.
3.    Read and re-read.
4.    Read aloud, alone or with others.
5.    Read outdoors.
6.    Read in different places.
7.    Read on your knees.
8.    Read with a child.
9.    Read with an elderly person.

10.    Mark (A pen is the best aid to the eyes.): underline; cluster several references by word, phrase, or idea; chain reference.

11.    Organize and memorize.

12.    Look for: repeated words and phrases; beginnings, middles, and endings; outlines; twos, threes, sevens, tens, twelves; interrelationships by theme or word.

13.    Make notes: journal; paraphrase (rewrite in your own words); prepare short presentations; keep a subject notebook.

14.    Make art: draw, dance, rap, or dramatize, paint or sculpt what you see and feel when you read or your response to it.

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Books Available about Listening and Church

These Wilma Zalabak books are available, free. If you want one, I will send it to you at no cost by PDF and email. Tell me which book you choose, by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

*New Words for Better Listening, Loving, and Living (24 pages)

*Third Millennium Church: An Interpretation of 1 Corinthians (86 pages)

*Adventures in Pattern: Poetry from Wilma Zalabak (30 pages)

*How Listening Can Grow a Church (32 pages)

*Beauty in the Bible (76 pages)

*Listening: The Last Link to Everything You've Ever Wanted (56 pages)

*The First and Last Story: A Quick Telling of the Bible Story (22 pages)

*What to Do While Listening: Practical Ideas for Use Immediately (12 pages)

*Prayer and Praise: Short Meditations (32 pages)

*When Jesus Prayed: What Happened When Jesus Prayed, According to Luke (18 pages)

*That You May Believe: The I AM Sayings and the Signs in the Gospel According to John (48 pages)

*Something New: Preparations and Reactions in the Gospel According to John (12 pages)

*The Church Stands: Spiritual Armor for the Church (24 pages)

*God's Fingerprints: The Importance and Care of Human Feelings (36 pages)

*Story of God: A quick Telling of the Bible Story (24 pages)

*How Listening Can Refresh a Church (32 pages)

*New Words for Better Listening, Loving, and Living (28 pages)

*Romans: Issues of Salvation and Race (56 pages)

*Abraham and Moses with a Listening God (12 pages)

*Galatians: Attention Only on Christ (12 pages)

*Ask, Seek, Knock: The Promises In Luke (12 pages)

*At Jesus' Feet: The Story of Mary (Not Magdalene) (16 pages)

*Four Decisions You Will Make: Internal Conversations in Luke (16 pages)

*Saved Without Swords: Bible Stories of Thriving Against the Odds (16 pages)

*Win More and More Wing: Happy Hints for Human Health (16 pages)

*Isaiah: Hope, Peace, Joy, Love (28 pages)

*Creativity in the Church: Serving at the intersection of Pandemic and a New Way Forward (44 pages)

*Romans: Who Can Be Saved? And How? (44 pages)