August 19, 2017, Statement

A statement: I and Grace Chapel Fellowship stand against, and renounce as evil, all forms of superiority, supremacy, and special exclusions whenever based on human race, gender, nationality, education, or resources. We stand against choices to use violence in word or act. We stand against raising of voice or body in threat, taunt, or bid for power over another person.

We stand with persons in their experiences of injury, exclusion, or subjugation. We stand for communication that holds space for respectful listening. We stand for faith, hope, and love between humans in the world.

Added, June 20, 2020: We stand specifically against racism where this term denotes the perception of differing value of persons based on their light or dark skin color. We stand against racism wherever it be entrenched in the systems among which we live our lives, and in our own thinking and deep reactions.

We stand for listening to voices too long silenced, to stories of people who need to tell them, and to conversations without destruction of life or property. We stand for hope.