September 6, 2020, Lectionary

First steps to establishing a new social and political system were to identify the first month of the calendar and the first feast day, and to insist that neighbors share that feast food so all have enough but not more than enough. Exodus 12:1-14

There is no other god or system of whom it can be said, "He, she, or it takes pleasure in his/her/its people." Our God "adorns the humble." Praises be to God! Psalm 149

In this instance Paul's use of the word "law" is clear; he means the Ten Commandments. He says love is the fulfilling of the law. God, I want that kind of love! Romans 13:8-14

Rather than let a hurt simmer and fester, Jesus said to tell the person who hurt you so reconciliation can happen. Matthew 18:15-20

Thoughts about Listening

It takes listening to be set free of our prejudices. Exodus 12:1-14

It is good for me to stop my chatter and listen to gain the information necessary to give credit where credit is due. Psalm 149

Giving listening as a gift is one way to show love. Romans 13:8-14

If you gain the hearing of the person who hurt you, in order to make way for reconciliation, you have done a wonderful thing. Matthew 18:15-20