August 23, 2020, Lectionary

Haha. My remix from KJV and Garrison Keillor. And that's the news from Goshen, where all the women are lively and all the children are goodly. Exodus 1:8-2:10

But for the Lord, the waters had gone over me, the snare had kept me. Instead I have escaped. Praises be to the Lord. Psalm 124

"Therefore," after the whole layout of topic in the letter to the Romans, Paul's "so what" is about body and mind being committed to God and staying in humility toward one another. Romans 12:1-8

Peter touched a hand and found it God's; he breathed a new thought and found it celestial. I'm thinking of Don Wyrtzen and L. E. Singer's composition, "Finally Home." Matthew 16:13-20

Thoughts about Listening

I wonder, does everyone listen when a baby cries? Or is it just the mother so attuned? Tribute to a mother's listening. Exodus 1:8-2:10

Habits of trading insults and retorts can be like a trap to bind and disempower listening. Psalm 124

It might help to think about what is the "therefore," or the "so what," of the things your life has been telling the world. Romans 12:1-8

Sometimes listening brings us surprising new information. Matthew 16:13-20