August 16, 2020, Lectionary

Joseph attributed to God his success as one chosen by God and then placed into position by God to create policies that would save the lives of many people. Genesis 45:1-15

Sibling unity is like dew on the mountain, the means by which the grazing animals get their water intake. And guess what! All humans are siblings. Psalm 133

Even this far into Romans, when the reader thinks Paul is finished talking about how people are saved, Paul finds it right to repeat "if it is by grace, it is no longer of works." Romans 11:1-6

Jesus knew the faith he had put in her could persevere through three apparent insults, so he used the moment to teach his disciples how not to treat others. Great was her faith! Matthew 15:21-28

Thoughts about Listening

I must ask myself often, Does this habit of mine or that decision of mine improve the lives of those around me or merely keep me thinking I'm superior? Genesis 45:1-15

Listening is our unity. Psalm 133

It is possible to listen to someone by reading a book she or he recommends. Romans 11:1-6

Being ignored by the person to whom you're speaking. Being talked about as if you weren't present. Being called a derogatory name to your face. Which hurts worst? Matthew 15:21-28