May 17, 2020 Lectionary

If Paul's message was the cross of Christ, or Jesus Christ crucified, then he didn't even get to his message in his conversation on Mars Hill. Frustrating for him, I'm sure. Acts 17:22-31

Afraid to pray because you know you're a sinner and you've heard God doesn't hear sinners? Easy fix. It's only those who refuse or forget to be humble and ask forgiveness who can't be heard. Psalm 66:8-20

Peter said, "Do not fear what someone wants you to fear, but instead keep your attention focused, your worship directed, to Christ our Lord." 1 Peter 3:13-22

Jesus' first mention of the Helper or Comforter and his promise not to leave us orphaned is bounded before and after with his reminder that those who love him will keep his commandments. I'm pondering his commandments today. John 14:15-21

Thoughts about Listening

Some listeners will cut the speaker off because of a long introduction. Others need the introduction time to get on board. Acts 17:22-31

What was your last foxhole promise, a vow you made in your deepest fear or last extremity? Have you done what you said you would? This is integrity. Psalm 66:8-20

I tell my piano students that keeping their attention focused on their music and its beauty, this will go a long way toward managing their fear of performance. I believe this principle carries over into many other arenas. 1 Peter 3:13-22

Consider with me, What does love look like in an era when information, opinions, and fears run strong and opposite? John 14:15-21