May 10, 2020, Lectionary

The final rush to stone him came on Stephen's words that he could see Jesus standing at the right hand of God. I ask myself, Do I see him there? Do I tell about him? Acts 7:55-60

"Into thy hands I commit my spirit," is usually considered a good saying for nearing death. But I think I want to use it every day. Psalm 31:1-5, 15-16

If today I find reading the Bible boring or just too time-consuming, I can ask God to help me desire it like babies desire their milk, nothing more important. 1 Peter 2:2-10

For baby, maybe the milk is most important but, at the same time, she's also feeding on the love passing to her through full attention on mom.

Jesus is alive! He's preparing my new home. He's coming back to get me! This is not a copout. This is the joyful truth! John 14:1-14

Among all the possible turns, the way--is Jesus! In a mound of spin and distortion, the truth--is Jesus! Instead of suffocating worry and gripping despair, to really live--is Jesus! John 14:1-14

Jesus says ask God for whatever you want and you will receive it. So again today I am hunting for words to understand and formulate my deepest desires. John 14:1-14

Thoughts about Listening

Many of us carry something we want to say, either to a specific person or to the world as a legacy. How about working today on finding a way to say it? Acts 7:55-60

When you listen well and give it as a free gift, you hold in your hands the well-being of the person talking to you. Psalm 31:1-5, 15-16

Spend your most attentive time with your most important activities. 1 Peter 2:2-10

Since it is our deepest desires that shape us, a good listener can help me figure out what desires are deepest in me, and when I know that, I can begin to shape the desires that shape me. John 14:1-14