Daniel 8:15-27

1.    As a child, when you were told to wait, what did you do? Throw a tantrum? Sulk? Turn your desire into disdain? Find something else to do?

2.    Read or listen to Daniel 8:15-27. Review the first 14 verses to remember the organizing pattern around the instances of the word, “great.” Notice that the four horns, after the first horn, and before the “little” horn, have no “great” attached. There is a ram “great,” a one-horned goat “very great,” a little horn “exceeding great,” same little horn “great even to the host of heaven,” and same little horn “magnified himself even to the prince of the host.” Mark them in your Bible or on a chart.

3.    Read or listen to Daniel 8:15-27. Notice what Daniel did, what was the result, and how Daniel felt. Daniel had been told to wait 2300 days for the sanctuary to be cleansed or vindicated. In verse 18, Daniel hears another time frame. What do you think it means and how did Daniel feel about it?

4.    Read or listen to Daniel 8:15-27. Now divide the interpretation to fit the designations of “great” as outlined in #2 above. Mark them in our Bible or on your chart, and discuss.

5.    Read or listen to Daniel 8:15-27. The evening/morning vision of 8:26 is the 2300 days of 8:14. The deliverance of the sanctuary of 8:14 matches the judgment of 7:9-10, 26-17. This is the key that will stop the evil. What was Daniel told to do with the vision, and how did he feel about it?

Finale: What means the most to you out of today’s reading of Daniel 8:15-27? What will you do about it now?