Daniel 8:1-14

1.    Daniel is full of dreams. The Bible tells of many dreams. Which Bible dream do you remember the most? Why?

2.    Read or listen to Daniel 8:1-14. When in Daniel’s life did he see this vision? Where was he? How is this introduction different from the one in Daniel 7:1? Look also in Daniel 7 for the meaning of animals as a symbol (Daniel 7:17) and of horns as a symbol (Daniel 7:24).

3.    Read or listen to Daniel 8:1-14. The word “great” will help to navigate this reading. Find the words, “great,” and note the words that tell how great for each “great.” Look for a pattern.

4.    Read or listen to Daniel 8:1-14. Notice a different pattern now, how in Daniel 7:1-14 and in Daniel 8:13-14, there is something that happens about halting the evil that had been growing. Compare and contrast those happenings.

5.    Read or listen to Daniel 8:1-14. How may years is 2300 days? How familiar are you with sanctuary terminology from the time of Moses and the Israelites in the wilderness? For the cleansing of the sanctuary look at Leviticus 16:29-34; Hebrews 9:22-24. Do you think Daniel would have been satisfied with what he knew so far in this reading?

Finale: What means the most to you out of today’s reading of Daniel 8:1-14? What will you do about it now?