January 1, 2017, Lectionary

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Mercy, love, kindness, and pity are the wells supplying God's motivation for saving Israel,--not easy for pride to receive. Isaiah 63:7-9

How does one find words big enough to praise God properly? Impossible. So just call on all wordless things to do it! Psalm 148

The words "partakers," and "took part," do they connote for you a sip, or a dip, or the whole trip? Compare 2 Peter 1:4 with Hebrews 2:10-18

For the children, I cry, "Mercy, Lord!" For the children, afraid, abused, bullied, addicted, without clean air, water, or land, "Mercy!" Matthew 2:13-23

Thoughts about Listening

Presence, company, accompaniment, in silent emotion or in noisy life, is the best gift. Isaiah 63:7-9

If fire, hail, snow, mist, wind, mountains, hills, trees, animals, bugs, and birds could talk, what would they be saying? Psalm 148

Communication and help come best from someone who has experienced the same thing. Hebrews 2:10-18

The stories of abuse and bullying need to be told and heard as much as the stories of achievement and thriving. Matthew 2:13-23

Bible Reading Group Homework

1.    What are some of your goals for the new year? Tell them to someone who will listen. Choose three of them; decide and do one thing toward each of them today.

2.    Read or listen to Isaiah 63:7-9. List those given here of God’s motivations for presence with God’s people. In your experience, how does a proud person feel about receiving mercy and pity?

3.    Read or listen to Psalm 148. Let your mind and conversation move into gratitude. Try to tell all the reasons you have to be grateful.

4.    Read or listen to Hebrews 2:10-18. If God’s presence is a gift as in Isaiah 63:7-9, then discuss how thoroughly God was present with humans in Jesus. Discuss the benefits of this presence.

5.    Read or listen to Matthew 2:13-23. Draw or rap or poeticize this story. Discuss the deliverance and the despair until you, and those in your group, can find the presence of God in both.


 1. ¿Cuáles son algunos de sus obejetivos para este año nuevo? Dígaselo a alguien que le escuche. Elija tres de ellos. Decidir y hacer una cosa hoy,que lo encamine hacia cada uno de ellos.

2. Leer o escuchar Isaías 63:7-9. Haga una lista de las motivaciones de Dios que se dan aqui para la  presencia con el  pueblo de Dios. En su experiencia, ¿Cómo es que una persona orgullosa se siente, al recibir misericordia y piedad?

3. Leer o escuchar el Salmo 148. Deje que su mente y su conversación se muevan en gratitud. Trate de decir todas las razones por las que tiene que estar agradecido.

4. Leer o escuchar Hebreos 2:10-18. Si la presencia de Dios es un regalo,  en Isaías 63:7-9, entonces discuta cómo es que Dios estaba presente completamente  ante los humanos en Jesús.  Discutir los beneficios de esta presencia.

5. Leer o escuchar Mateo 2:13-23. Dibujar o hacer un rap o un poema de esta historia.  Discutir sobre la salvación  y la desesperación  hasta que usted, y los de su grupo, puedan encontrar en ambos la presencia de Dios.