April 25, 2021, Lectionary

Peter said, There is no other power or means of salvation given to humans than that provided by Jesus. Acts 4:5-12

He's with me with his rod and staff; goodness and mercy follow me. I wonder if the rod could represent the goodness/righteousness/justice by which he defends me against the evil one, and the staff could represent the mercy that reaches to pull me out of trouble. Psalm 23

The way I know God loves me is that he laid down his life for me. The way I will know I love another is if I am willing to lay down my life for him or her. 1 John 3:16-24

Five times Jesus mentioned his laying down his life for the sheep, for us. And he cited this action as the reason the Father loves him. There must be a whole lot of love floating around in the universe! John 10:11-18

Thoughts about Listening

When you ask a question, be sure to listen for the answer. Acts 4:5-12

One of the most quoted passages in the whole Bible is about a shepherd who listens to his animals. Psalm 23

Love gives listening as a gift. 1 John 3:6-24

I think it is easier to listen to someone I trust than to someone I don't trust. John 10:11-18