April 18, 2021, Lectionary

When we reject or neglect Jesus in favor of any number of other interests, might we be asking to receive a murder instead? Acts 3:12-19

God gives me joy more than in the time of abundant increase. God gives me rest and peace because only God can keep me safe. Psalm 4

In John's Gospel, the remarkable evidence God's love is that he gave his son (John 3:16). In John's epistle the remarkable evidence of God's love is that we may be called Sons of God. 1 John 3:1-7

Earlier he had opened their eyes to know it was he. Now he opened their understanding to know the Scriptures spoke of him. I might need some opening like that! Luke 24:36-48

Thoughts about Listening

I guess I always speak out of ignorance, knowing less than the whole. A bit of humility is appropriate. Acts 3:12-19

Can a sport keep people safe? Can a celebrated star always speak truth? Can gaming, movies, and news bring trust into the culture? Psalm 4

I've known some non-profits that were family affairs, as I've known some profitable businesses that were family affairs. I wonder what are the warning signs that this is unacceptable nepotism or otherwise unwise. 1 John 3:1-7

It doesn't have to be condescending or humiliating, or even useless, to explain what you mean. Luke 24:36-45