August 2, 2020, Lectionary

All Jacob had with him that night was his life, his health, and his name. God wanted all of it, might have killed him, crippled his thigh, and changed his name. Genesis 32:22-31

This is a psalm I can't pray. I can't say my mouth and my feet do not transgress. I like thinking perhaps Jesus prayed this one. Psalm 17:1-7

How can God be faithful to his promises to Abraham and Israel while at the same time, through Christ, bringing people not of Israel into favored status with God? This is the underlying theme in this letter. Romans 9:1-5

Could it be that the miracle of feeding the crowd was simply a speeding up of the grain and fish reproductive process? Could Jesus also speed up the process of disciples making disciples? Matthew 14:13-21

Thoughts about Listening

A change of name sometimes signifies a change in status, identity, or commitments. Think a bit  about what name change you might welcome right now. Genesis 32:22-31

When something bad happens that is totally not my fault, it helps to have a good listener. Psalm 17:1-7

A mother's love is not split, but instead multiplied, with the arrival of another child. Romans 9:1-5

Part of my business plan needs to have intention for reproducing leaders. Matthew 14:13-21