July 5, 2020, Lectionary

Asking myself, How much time do I spend telling my purpose and recounting how the Lord has led? This story is full of that! Genesis 24

No matter what I look like, Jesus desires me for my beauty. He wants me put him first even over my ancestors' house and ways. Psalm 45:10-17

A magnificent piece of vulnerability and authenticity claims that the apostle Paul found nothing good in himself apart from Christ. Romans 7:15-25

Jesus said, "Come, find rest for your souls." I go to Jeremiah 6:16 for God saying the same thing, then I look at all of Jeremiah 6 to learn what it is from which we need rest. Matthew 11:25-30

Thoughts about Listening

Sometimes there is surprising good in listening through a long story of someone else's adventures. Genesis 24

Two people may spend hours listening to each other, and then get married. It takes determination to keep the listening alive. Psalm 45:10-17

Thinking clearly and deeply about one's own motives can be difficult, confusing, disappointing, and authentic. Talking to a good listener can help. Romans 7:15-25

Think about the children. What is it that they get that we don't? Matthew 11:25-30