June 28, 2020, Lectionary

Twice God says to Abraham, "You have not withheld your son, your only son." Paul turns those words, "God spared not his own son," as evidence that God will give us all things. Genesis 22:1-14

Psalm 13 is a story of long perseverance under enemy power. Name the enemy, racism, fear, debt, bullying by child or adult, sex traffic, COVID-19. Then the story goes into joy because of trusting God.

But for Jesus' setting me free, I was slave to sin and expecting death as wage. But now I am free to present myself every day to serve the right and expect the gift of eternal life. Amazing. Romans 6:12-23

Jesus definitely throws in his success and reward with mine as his disciple. As I share in his sufferings and mission, and I also have a share in his reward. Matthew 10:40-42

Thoughts about Listening

Saying, "I'm here," and fully meaning it can encourage further conversation. Genesis 22:1-14

Talking to a good listener can help me name and clarify the real enemy that keeps me down, most often something in myself. Psalm 13

Among those who listen to you, think of the one with whom you feel the most free to talk, and then listen like that person does to someone else today. Romans 6:12-23

Maybe it wouldn't hurt to review who it is that inspires your giving, whether giving food, volunteer time, drinking water, money, or listening. Matthew 10:40-42