September 8, 2019, Lectionary

I've always wanted to be clay in God's hands. Now I understand the passage better to know that this is for my churches, not just me, and it's about God's right to repent of the first plan and make a second plan. Jeremiah 18:1-11

God knows my thoughts and actions better than I know myself. Maybe I could give more attention to knowing God's own thoughts and actions. Psalm 139:1-6, 13-18

How many ways can I say that I expect you to do what I ask? Paul to Philemon. Philemon 1:1-21

When Jesus first started gathering crowds and then again when the crowds were growing greatly, Jesus said this: "Let anyone with ears to hear listen!" Luke 14:25-35

Thoughts about Listening

How often do you change your mind, and what are the constraints created when you do change your mind? Jeremiah 18:1-11

Some people feel thoroughly known by at least one person. Other people feel way beyond being fully known by anyone. But good listening is a gift that all can appreciate. Psalm 139:1-6, 13-18

Figure out ahead of time some additional and different ways to make your ask. Philemon 1:1-21

It's possible to be present but not listening. Luke 14:25-35