July 28, 2019, Lectionary

Though the sense of sadness and Godforsakenness may be overwhelming, I can remind myself that God's foundational and final vision is God's glad presence with humans. Hosea 1:2-10

Truth and justice will rule in every case. I am most grateful these are mixed with peace and mercy. How these will make right the horrible injustices of our day, I don't know, but God does. Psalm 85

The purpose of spiritual retreats or campmeetings is bring us to Christ, and also to teach us what elements of that spiritual retreat we need to incorporate into our regular daily habits. Colossians 2:6-19

God is more willing to give us the Holy Spirit than we parents are to give good gifts to our children. The only requirement is that we will ask each day for our daily portion, and keep on asking. Let's do it! Luke 11:1-13

Thoughts about Listening

Metaphors are good, and so is straight talk. I want to improve my vocabulary in both. Hosea 1:2-10

Think of the last time you spontaneously said or thought something like, "You heard me!" "You got it!" "You understand me!" "You get me!" Use the energy from that moment to get you through other moments. Psalm 85

A person may need a mentor to keep from getting distracted by new and useless fads, or other people's judgements, or one's own ego. Colossians 2:6-19

Which gets your listening ear faster? Your boss, or your children? Luke 11:1-13