April 29, 2018, Lectionary

The angel told Philip the direction in which to go. The Spirit told him to get close, and the Spirit whisked him away when he was finished. Looks like a picture of amazing efficiency in the gospel. Acts 8:25-40

They will praise the Lord who seek the Lord. And they will tell it to future generations. God needs you and me to keep the praise going. Psalm 22:25-31

All about love: God is love. We are in God. Love one another. There is no fear in love. 1 John 4:7-21

Huge promises to those who abide in Jesus. Not so I can claim the right to the blessing based on my abiding, but so I can use every piece of disappointment to check on and renew my abiding. And abiding's foundation lies in the recognition of my own desperate nothingness apart from abiding in Jesus. John 15:1-8

Thoughts about Listening

Show up and listen. Good advice for me today. Acts 8:25-40

It helps to spend some time and thought getting some positivity about the other person before a difficult conversation with him or her. Psalm 22:25-31

Love is the big thing, not "making love," but "being love." Since we're all siblings, let's cultivate "brotherly love" with each other. 1 John 4:7-21

It is a usual drive of humans to be productive. A person who finds productivity frustrated may find despair. John 15:8

Bible Reading Group Homework

1.    Where would you go if you could travel by thinking yourself there, or could travel back and forth in time?

2.    Read or listen to Acts 8:25-40. Twice this story attributes either personal instructions or seemingly magical human travel to the work of the Holy Spirit. What was the purpose of this visit? Can you think of any far-reaching effects of this visit?

3.    Read or listen to Psalm 22:25-31. It sounds sort of like God is happy when humans tell the next generation of humans about God and the works of God. Whom, that is younger than you, will you tell about God this week?

4.    Read or listen to 1 John 4:7-21. Read this aloud together or alternating parts of the group. Then do your best to define or describe love. Tell some instances of love made visible.

5.    Read or listen to John 15:1-8. This is a favorite passage for drawing and illustrating, or poetry and song. You might try your hand at this as art and show your group. Read the verses aloud together and then tell what you think it means to abide in Jesus. Read it again and tell any new insights. To what is Jesus calling on you to commit in order to enhance your relationship with Him?


1. ¿A dónde iría si pudiera viajar con el pensamiento, o si pudiera viajar tiempo atrás  y luego volver en el tiempo?

2. Leer o escuchar Hechos 8: 25-40. Esta historia atribuye dos veces ya sea como instrucciones personales o un viaje humano aparentemente mágico por obra del Espíritu Santo. ¿Cuál fue el propósito de esta visita? ¿Puede pensar en algún efecto de largo alcance de esta visita?

3. Leer o escuchar el Salmo 22: 25-31. Suena como si Dios se pone feliz cuando los humanos cuentan a la siguiente generación sobre Él y sus obras. ¿Esta semana, a qué persona más joven que usted le hablará de Dios?

4. Leer o escuchar 1 Juan 4: 7-21. Leer esto juntos,  en voz alta o alternando partes entre el  grupo. Luego haga su mejor esfuerzo para definir o describir el amor. Diga algunos ejemplos cuando el amor se ha hecho visible.

5. Leer o escuchar Juan 15: 1-8. Este es un pasaje óptimo para dibujar e ilustrar, o hacer una poesía y una canción. Puede intentar hacerlo esto como arte y mostrar a su grupo. Lean los versículos juntos, en voz alta y luego diga lo que piensa que significa permanecer en Jesús. Léelo de nuevo y comparta cualquiera información nueva. ¿Cómo es que Jesús le está llamando para comprometerse y mejorar su relación con Él?