Romans 12:1-3

1.    Read Romans 11:33-12:3. What do you think the “therefore” refers back to?

2.    Read Romans 12:1 in several different versions. The paraphrase or give an illustration for how it works in your life.

3.    Please notice “bodies,” “mind,” and “faith.” What do you think would happen to us if God required only one of these three pieces and the other two were left for human use without God? What happens if we think one or two of these is good and the other bad?

4.    Go back and Read Romans 6:9-11. What is a person to do in his or her mind?

5.    Read Hebrews 12:1-3 and compare this with Romans 12:1-3. What are some suggestions you can give as to why these are so similar? What are the common themes? Hebrews 12 begins with “wherefore,” which is very similar to the “therefore” of Romans 12. What came before this in Hebrews and how might it be compared to what came before this in Romans?

4.    What joy or excitement comes to you from this text? What questions arise for you out of the reading of this text? What did you learn that was new to you, or a new way of looking at something? What does this text tell you about God and about yourself? About humans in general?