Food Experiments for Body Listening

Try these experiments about eating and listen to your body in order to discover for yourself what your own body needs.

Drink Enough Water

  • Drink equal amounts of pure water, herbal tea, and fresh-squeezed juices (or watermelon) throughout the day. (Keeps your electrolytes balanced, your body fluids replenished, and poisons dissolved.)
  • Drink half your pound weight, translated into ounces, of these fluids within your first hour after waking. (Flushes your colon, sinuses, blood, and brain from the sluggishness of the night.)
  • Fill stomach with water about 30 minutes before eating. (Provides fluid to produce enough saliva for good digestion and satiation.)
  • Refrain from liquid while eating and during the hour immediately after eating. (Avoids diluting the digestive enzymes, fluids, and processes.)

Know When Not to Eat

Experiment with these and listen to your body so you will know when not to eat.

  • Not before four hours have passed since your last meal, not even a morsel. (Requires digestion to begin all over again and partially digested food to stagnate.)
  • Not within one hour of retiring. (Requires digestion processes when the body is set for other duties.)
  • Not unless you want to eat. (The sense of hunger and desire prepare the body for the task of digestion.)
  • Not under stress and tension or with intense and upsetting conversation. (Stress shuts down digestion; a fast can fortify the body for dealing with stress.)

Know How to Eat

Here are some experiments to try while eating and listening to your body. Listen for how your body needs you to eat.

  • Chew well, putting lots of saliva into your stomach. (Aids marvelously in digestion and satiation.)
  • Pay attention to good food combinations. (Puts together the foods that require the same enzymes, fluids, and processes.)
  • Keep a short route from harvest to mouth. (Live foods broken apart in your mouth yield their energy within your body.)
  • Practice thankfulness for food energy and visualize its action while eating. (Trains the body to respond positively.)

Eliminate Everything You Can

Experiment with eliminating these from your daily experience. Listen for your body's gratitude when it senses relief in some area.

  • Useless "foods" from your diet. (They clog the system; consider sugar and artificial colorings, sweeteners, and flavorings.)
  • Habits of eating without awareness, or eating in hurry, worry, or excess. (Food not used properly turns into poison.)
  • Backed-up feces that sit and swell in the lower loops of the colon. (Any exercise that strengthens and supports the abdomen in the groin area is helpful.)
  • Inattention to your eliminations. (How fast transit; how much broken down; you can learn a lot about your body needs by looking at what it discards.)