Listening to a Thirsty Body

Did you know that in many Americans the thirst call is so weak as to be mistaken for hunger? It is possible to become so accustomed to parched tissues and drought conditions inside the body that the thirst signals are masked or not heard at all. 

  • Dehydration, even a little dehydration, slows metabolism, produces fatigue, hinders eye focus, and triggers fuzzy memory and logic.
  • A glass of water can quell or greatly reduce hunger pangs in dieters.
  • Sufficient water could make a big difference for a majority of back and joint pain sufferers.
  • Daily water drinking can significantly decrease risk of colon, breast, and bladder cancer.

Triggers for Reminders to Drink Water

So, let's find some water drinking triggers that can be kept private while effectively reminding a person to drink additional sips of water throughout the day. Here are some that work for me and may actually be some of the body's thirst signals. Use these to actually increase your ability to listen to your body about its water needs.

  • Whenever you think you are hungry, drink 3-4 swallows of water, except at mealtime.
  • Whenever you pass some gas, drink some water.
  • When something hurts, anywhere, drink some water.
  • When you feel tired or irritable, drink some water.
  • When you can't catch your breath--or your nose runs, or your feet smell--drink some water!

Well, you get the point! I can choose practically anything to which I will listen and make it my private reminder to drink more water.

Water should be drunk at least one-half hour before a meal and at least one hour after a meal. I usually drink two glasses upon waking, two glasses before lunch, two glasses before supper, and two glasses long enough before bedtime so as not to disturb my sleep.