The Twelve Choices

These are the choices we made in our recovery:

1. We chose to explore this God of the Bible who claims our full attention, having claimed also to have brought us this far.

2. We agreed that all our own efforts to free us had proved powerless.

3. We decided to call on the name of God for healing.

4. We took rest and quiet time to reflect on our lives and make a courageous inventory.

5. We chose a mentor in recovery and honestly and specifically confessed our wrongs to God and to one other person.

6. We decided to let God correct our wrongs, and to let go of vengeance.

7. We asked God to correct these wrongs, and thereby to free us from hurtful bonds.

8. We listed in writing all those we had wronged, and chose to make restoration to them all.

9. We made restoration wherever possible, honestly owning our fault.

10. We choose to live in continuing inventory, and to admit our wrongs when they happen.

11. We choose to give full attention to God by prayer and reflection, asking for wisdom and power to do God's will for us.

12. We recognize our blessings in these choices and we choose to carry this way of life to other sufferers, and to live this way in all our affections, thoughts, words, and actions.