Reducing Generalized Anxiety -- Listen

In Reducing Generalized Anxiety, LISTEN by determining to continue strictly one's own practice of saying "I." Continually, repeatedly, and calmly define one's own self, wants, goals, and vision. Refuse to compare with, comment on, or define another.

For Reducing Generalized Anxiety, one may ask for "I" language so as to LISTEN better. Respectfully ask for clarity. Request a stop to the blaming, copy-catting, gossip, indirectness, polarization, or triangling. Request calmly, without judgment or advice.

For Reducing Generalized Anxiety, the aim is to keep oneself focused on intentionally providing and maintaining a calm presence, a respectful connection, a non-anxious staying. One person's steady LISTENing might change the culture, and might not.

Churches, partly because of their cross-generation longevity, many-layered structures, and dedication to instilling "right" and "wrong," usually carry much generalized anxiety. Might a person have divine calling just to be the LISTENing message within the church?

Some of the ideas for this article come from: Friedman, Edwin H. Generation to Generation: Family Process in Church and Synagogue. New York: Guilford Press, 1985.

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