What Is Church?

That's a good question, What is church? Is it a building? A meeting? A complex oganization? Local? Worldwide? Eternal? Members? A list of names? A family? A person? People agreed?

For simple foundation, Grace Chapel Fellowship adopts this understanding of church, excerpted from Neil Cole, Organic Church: Growing Faith where Life Happens (San Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass, 2005), 53). 

What is church?

  • Church is "the presence of Jesus among His people." 

What then is a church meeting?

  • A church meeting happens whenever and wherever two or more people gather in Jesus' presence and mission, or name. 

What happens at a church meeting?

  • Listening to God through reading the Bible 
  • Talking to God through prayer 
  • Listening and talking with others gathered 

Are there other things that might happen at a church meeting?

  • Loving One Another 
  • Repentance and Belief 
  • Baptism 
  • Receiving the Holy Spirit 
  • Lord's Supper, Communion, Eating Together
  • Giving and Helping 
  • Music 
  • Preaching 

What might the attender experience at a church meeting?

  • Smiles, touch, a listener, personal respect 
  • Feeling of contributing in some way 
  • Closeness to God 
  • Challenge to God's next step 
  • Sense of fitting into a bigger purpose