September 12, 2021, Lectionary

Wisdom wants to give me its thoughts and words if I will attend to its reproofs. Proverbs 1:20-35

Looking back, I can see times I thought or acted very unskilled in life. I always have, and still do, hang onto the Word/Law of God for my hope of enlightenment. Psalm 19

The tongue in its power is likened to a bit to turn a horse, a rudder to guide a ship, a spark to ignite a forest fire, humans taming beasts, and one mouth with two tongues. I want Jesus to have my tongue. James 3:1-12

Seems pretty radical, Jesus calling on us to set our minds on divine things and not on human things. Mark 8:27-38

Thoughts about Listening

I need wise persons around me to whom I can listen and pay attention to their cautions. Proverbs 1:20-35

I need to keep myself back from thinking I know what the other person needs or wants to say. Psalm 19

An unruly tongue can start a fire; a soft answer can turn away anger. James 3:1-12; Proberbs 15:1

To give with generosity, to give listening as a gift, requires that I set aside the stories I'm longing to tell, long enough to be with the other person in his or her stories. Mark 8:27-38