May 30, 2021, Lectionary

The word "lips" is used for poetry and proverb in the Bible, most in Job, Psalms, Proverbs, and Isaiah. It can be a synonym for "mouth," "tongue," "words," or "communication." I want cleansed lips. Isaiah 6:1-8

I suppose there might be some who would demur at the call to ascribe fantastic glory and power to God the Lord, but not this psalmist. Psalm 29

We are not merely slaves set free from an oppressive master or regime; we are formerly abused slaves now adopted as offspring and heirs of a new loving and powerful Master and regime, albeit with suffering, as the Master suffered. Romans 8:12-17

The picture here is not about the Holy Spirit coming upon a person, but about a person coming into the Holy Spirit. I want this every day. John 3:1-17

Thoughts about Listening

When I speak kindly, I can listen better. Isaiah 6:1-8

The voice is a powerful instrument. Let us consider well whenever we use it, whether in speaking or in writing. Psalm 19

An improved self-image makes me a better listener, and having a good listener improves my self-image. Romans 8:12-17

It might be good to be aware of how long you can do gift listening to another person's talk. Then state the time you have and enjoy just giving the gift for that length of time. John 3:1-17