May 16, 2021, Lectionary

They felt it was important to make up the number twelve as a symbolic number after Judas left, though there were 120 disciples gathered together. Good to ponder what symbols are important today. Acts 1:15-26

They delight in the law and think about it all the time. The law, Torah here, could mean all the stories in the first part of the Bible, or any part of it, or the Ten Commandments. Plenty to delight in and to think about. Psalm 1

It was John's desire and reason for his writing that believers should know they have eternal life. 1 John 5:9-13

The first half of Jesus' prayer seems to lean toward affirmation that Jesus came from God and is one with God. He tells God he gave his disciples "your name," "your word," and "your truth," and asks for God's protection, joy, and sanctification for them. I love this prayer. John 17:6-19

Thoughts about Listening

Which do you think is more susceptible to corruption, casting lots or casting votes? Acts 1:15-26

What I think about matters. What I enjoy thinking about. What takes up my thought time. What I feed my mind to think about. It matters. Psalm 1