January 10, 2021, Lectionary

Before there was the sun, there was light, and day and night. In your imagination, was this a brilliance brighter than the sun? Or was it a semi-glow that would be later illumined by the sun? Genesis 1:1-5

David used his imagination to create images of the voice of God acting in creation and then to let those images impact how he saw God in his present time. Indeed, his was a prophet's imagination. Psalm 29

There's a lot left unsaid. Had these 12 disciples in Ephesus been to Judea and baptized by John?  Had they been with Jesus? Had they seen him crucified? Heard of his resurrection? What they lacked was teaching about the Holy Spirit and baptism in Jesus' name. Acts 19:1-7

The proper mood for humans in the kingdom of God is repentance. What if all the world came out to repent as with John's preaching? Mark 1:4-11

Thoughts about Listening

My words impact my surroundings and the ways people interact with me. My words create my opportunities. Genesis 1:1-5

I am grateful for the places and platforms and persons with which I have voice. Psalm 29

When things are left unsaid, I try not to fill in the blanks as if I know the other person's thoughts, but I can bring my guesses about what they mean into spoken conversation with them. Acts 19:1-7

Words may be one of the most powerful tools on earth. Let us back away from violence by either word or action. Mark 1:4-11