October 4, 2020, Lectionary

God allowed thunder and lightning while God spoke the Ten Commandments so the people would be impressed and always remember to take them seriously. Exodus 20:1-20

The Ten Commandments taken seriously bring revival, wisdom, joy, enlightenment, resilience, and justice. Nothing found since them is so brilliant. Psalm 19

For Paul, knowing Christ is of surpassing value. Then through Christ he expects to haveĀ  righteousness that comes through faith here and resurrection from the dead later. Philippians 3:4-14

The landowner loved his vineyard and built a winepress and a watchtower in it. Compare Isaiah 5 and 27. Matthew 21:33-46

Thoughts about Listening

It might be a good thing to contemplate who has the loudest voice in your world, and what that might mean for you. Exodus 20:1-20

I love listening to the voice of nature, which points me to a God whose laws I find to be brilliant. Psalm 19

Knowing the goal, what it is you really want, is like gold for getting you through life. Philippians 3:4-14

Twenty years ago I invested time and energy in writing about listening. Two days ago I gathered the writing up into a booklet, and was blessed again. I highly recommend making listening a gift to someone you care about. Matthew 21:33-46