July 19, 2020, Lectionary

Besides promising to be with him and bring him back home, God's promise to Jacob concerned descendants and land. What promise could God give you or your church today that would be as cherished? Genesis 28:10-19

God knows where I am, what my motives and attitudes are, and all about my history even before my birth. And God loves me faithfully anyway. What a privilege! Psalm 139

Creatures and all creation wait in hope and eager longing for the time when God's children will be fully manifested. That's real incentive for me. Romans 8:12-25

There are pivotal differences between the parable of The Sower and that of The Weeds. Though the man who planted seed is the same Son of Man in both, the seed is very different. Matthew 13:24-43

Thoughts about Listening

Regular assessment of what it is that I really want, what would make my heart leap and expand for joy, can help me find meaning and purpose in my life. Genesis 28:10-19

I am fully known and loved anyway. I am most fortunate. Psalm 139

You know the eager longing of your pet for your arrival. What if that pet's deepest longing was really for you to be the person it thinks you are? Romans 8:12-25

When I use my quiet time well, I find myself carrying over lessons about listening from one part of my life to the other. Matthew 13:24-43