April 5, 2020, Lectionary

The adversary of this world has brought his best against its inhabitants. But we know Who wins in the end. The Lord God is my helper. Isaiah 50:4-9

David once prayed to stop a plague from entering Jerusalem after having already killed 70,000 (2 Samuel 24; 1 Chronicles 21). Here's a prayer of someone sick and quarantined. Psalm 31:9-16

This is the  brilliant closing statement in Paul's eloquent argument. He has brought as witnesses Moses, Abraham, Adam, Jesus, and himself. Now, "Nothing can separate us from the love of God, nothing at all." Romans 8:28-39

Imagine it! The crowds, spontaneously gathered, were running, dancing, singing, and shouting. They fanned the air with palm branches. They flung their clothing. It's a happy scene around Jesus. Matthew 21:1-11

It's Palm Sunday! I think the stones might cry out our praise if we were to fail to muster it in this "shelter in place" time. Let the praises rise! Matthew 21:1-11

Thoughts about Listening

Because I'm a planner, I usually wake up with plans. What if I woke up as a listener? Isaiah 50:4-9

The people who offer to get things for the elderly. There are so many of them. I am blessed. Psalm 31:9-16

The assurance that nothing can separate you from someone or something you deeply care about would be extremely valuable right about now, I think. Romans 8:28-31

I wonder what will be our first gathering of celebration "after this is over"; there are so many we are putting off. Matthew 21:1-11