March 15, 2020, Lectionary

They tempted God by panicking as if there was no God among them. Exodus 17:1-7

In my reading of Psalm 95 today, this "tempting God" seems to conflate several events from the time of Israel in the wilderness, citing the first and second strikings of the rock and the bad report of the ten spies.

Rarely will one person take death for another, but Jesus did it for me, and he did it when I was hopelessly settled into the opposite of "good." Romans 5:1, 6-21

Jesus ensured that it would be socially and emotionally safe for the woman to talk honestly, and she responded by actually saying deep things. John 4:5-42

Thoughts about Listening

I think that the job of keeping billions of people safe, fed, and productive is huge, and that the world has had some pretty awesome leaders through the centuries. Exodus 17:1-7

Working together sensibly requires good listening and careful talking. Psalm 95

How often I hear that a mother would give her life for her child. Actually, she already has and will continue to do so. Let us always acknowledge this kind of love. Romans 5:1, 6-21

Let's think of the many ways it could be unsafe to say an honest thing--emotionally, socially, economically--and then work to bring all safeties to our communications. John 4:5-42