February 23, 2020, Lectionary

Ask yourself: When has God called me to be "up on the mountain" alone with God? Was I willing to go? How long did I stay? What did I receive? Exodus 24:12-18

Nations conspire, peoples plot, kings set themselves, rulers make council--against God. But the Lord has set up his own King! Psalm 2

Peter and his friends surely claimed to be giving eyewitness testimony, which in their minds confirmed all the Old Testament prophecy. It's a light in a dark place. 2 Peter 1:16-21

It must have seemed like they had traveled back a millennium to be on the mountain with Moses in the glory of God, but there was Jesus, and Elijah, too. Maybe they thought they would be there forty days like Moses was, so let's build shelters, they said. Matthew 17:1-9

Thoughts about Listening

Alone time is necessary for strong leadership. Exodus 24:12-18

I pray for wisdom for the leaders of our world. Psalm 2

If you see something good about someone else, say it. 1 Peter 1:16-21

To say something loud: Shout, use a megaphone or speaker system. Or have millions of people hear it to repeat it. Matthew 17:1-9