June 9, 2019, Lectionary

If Pentecost reverses Babel, then there is a cure for our communication confusions, our misunderstandings and untrustings. Genesis 11:1-9

On this week leading up to Pentecost, I'm enjoying noticing that it is by God's Spirit that God creates springtime miracles and refreshes the land. Psalm 104:24-35

What do you think? How earthshaking and noisy was the actual filling of the room on Pentecost? Did people not in the room hear and feel it? People a block away? Or did they only notice its results, say, when the disciples started speaking? Acts 2:1-21

I can almost sense Jesus' spirit lifting with joy and excitement shining through as he talks about what he will do for his disciples and what will be available to them through the Holy Spirit. John 14:8-17, 25-27

Thoughts about Listening

Though it is difficult to give the gift of listening when the other person is speaking a different language, I think it is important and healing even then. Genesis 11:1-9

Keeping silence sometimes before the beauties and wonders of nature makes me better able to give the gift of listening sometimes when it is needed. Psalm 104:24-35

A time of deep silence may prepare the way for effective talking. Acts 2:1-21

If the person who has a brilliant mind with vast and sure memory could also listen well so as to give the gift of presence, what a blessing this person would be to the world! John 14:8-17, 25-27