April 15, 2018, Lectionary

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Peter said, "His name has healed him, through faith in his name." It's an interesting construction, sort of doubly invoking of the name of Jesus. Acts 3:12-19

He has made me gladder than I've ever been. Only from the Lord comes a place to rest in peace and safety. Psalm 4

The letter called 1 John is full of "isisms": God is light; Sin is lawlessness; God is love; We are offspring of God. Behold what manner of love! 1 John 3:1-7

He came in through the walls yet He was visible, touchable, and nourishable. I think this is beyond my meager scientific capabilities to figure out. Luke 24:36-48

Thoughts about Listening

Some thought is that one writes a blog because he or she has figured something out and needs to tell. Acts 3:12-19

Some are starving for a kind look, a generous smile, a listening ear. Psalm 4

Where there is reciprocal deep knowing, there is much shaping influence on one another. 1 John 3:1-7

Surprises are fun sometimes, but allow the person some joy of anticipation most of the time. Luke 24:36-48

Bible Reading Group Homework

1.    Have you ever been so happy you had to smile or dance or jump no mater who was or was not watching? Describe it.

2.    Read or listen to Acts 3:12-19. Scan the context and then act out the story in your group. Do it several times with different people in the main roles. Compare and discuss Acts 4:12.

3.    Read or listen to Psalm 4. Early in the book of Psalms the reader is introduced to the idea that it’s okay to complain to God. What are the complaints? And in the same psalm what are the solutions?

4.    Read or listen to 1 John 3:1-7. What does it mean to you to be a son or daughter of God? What benefits do you have and what distractions do you not have because God takes you as family?

5.    Read or listen to Luke 24:36-48. What would it mean to you today if you could touch Jesus, serve Jesus a meal that he liked, and physically feel Jesus’ hug? We have the testimony of those who did these things, which invites us to participate with them in our imagination. Tell something now about your story of Jesus’ love for you in the last few days.


1. ¿Alguna vez ha estado tan feliz de que sonrió, bailó o saltó sin importar quién estaba o no mirando? Describirlo.

2. Leer o escuchar Hechos 3: 12-19. Revise el contexto y luego represente la historia con su grupo. Hágalo varias veces, con personas diferentes en los roles principales. Compare y analice Hechos 4:12.

3. Leer o escuchar el Salmo 4. Al comienzo del libro de los Salmos, al lector se le presenta la idea de que está bien quejarse a Dios. ¿Cuáles son las quejas? Y en el mismo salmo, ¿Cuáles son las soluciones?

4. Leer o escuchar 1 Juan 3: 1-7. ¿Qué significa para usted ser un hijo o una hija de Dios? ¿Debido a que Dios le toma como un familiar, qué beneficios tiene y qué distracciones no tiene?

5. Leer o escuchar Lucas 24: 36-48. ¿Para usted, qué significaría hoy si pudiera tocar a Jesús, servir a Jesús una comida que le gustara, y sentir físicamente el abrazo de Jesús? Tenemos el testimonio de aquellos que hicieron estas cosas, lo que nos invita a participar con ellos en nuestra imaginación. Ahora cuente algo sobre su historia del amor de Jesús por usted en los últimos días.