February 11, 2018, Lectionary

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One instance here of the magic of biblical narrative. Three-step build-up to so the hearers can get on board and come to maximum anticipation. Then the anticipation is well satisfied. 2 Kings 2:1-12

Psalm 50 seems eschatalogical to me, intimating a future coming of God to call, gather, and judge God's people--a reason for praise. Psalm 50:1-6

So many words connected, and maybe synonyms, with beauty in this little passage from Paul: light, shine, glory. I'm wondering how many today find the gospel beautiful. 2 Corinthians 4:3-6

Jesus' disciples pondered what is the meaning of his rising from the dead. Before and after that event, for centuries since, and still today, we ponder.  Mark 9:2-9

Thoughts about Listening

I  never could tell jokes well. People told me it was my timing. Only recently have I learned that the three steps before the punchline are important for getting people's attention and building their anticipation. 2 Kings 2:1-12

Think of the last time you answered a casting call, a request for proposal, or a call for application. How did you spend the wait time? Psalm 50:1-6

Pondering what qualities in a thing call for the adjective "beautiful." They are probably different for different folks, but I'd like to hear some of them. 2 Corinthians 4:3-6

Fear treats different people differently. Some shut down; some go into overdrive. Some are speechless; some babble. I really do pray to have courage and wise words in the face of fear. Mark 9:2-9

Bible Reading Group Homework

1.    What does God want to change in your life right now? Ask God to pick one and make it very clear to you. You can do this as a group, too.

2.    Read or listen to 2 Kings 2:1-12. Draw, dance, or dramatize the story together. How did each character’s life change?

3.    Read or listen to Psalm 50:1-6. Our God will come! Our God will call! You really can be aware of God’s whisper or nudge.

4.    Read or listen to 2 Corinthians 4:3-6. Paul talks as if he had been there on the mountain when Jesus was transfigured, using so many words about light and shining. What is it that shines so brightly for Paul?

5.    Read or listen to Mark 9:2-9. This is Transfiguration Sunday, which in the church year comes just before Lent. What can you do to keep the beauty and light of Jesus alive in your awareness through everything that comes up? Will you ponder Him this week?


1.    ¿Qué es lo que quiere cambiar Dios en este momento su vida? Pídale a Dios que elija algo y que quede muy claro para usted. Ustedes también pueden hacer esto como grupo.

2.    Leer o escuchar 2 Reyes 2: 1-12. Dibujar, bailar o dramatizar  la historia juntos. ¿Cómo cambió la vida de cada personaje?

3.    Leer o escuchar el Salmo 50: 1-6. ¡Nuestro Dios vendrá! ¡Nuestro Dios llamará! Realmente puede ser consciente del susurro o de los empujoncitos de Dios.

4.    Leer o escuchar 2 Corintios 4: 3-6. Pablo habla como si hubiera estado allí en la montaña cuando Jesús se transfiguró, usando tantas palabras sobre la luz y el brillo. ¿Qué es lo que brilla tanto para Pablo?

5.    Leer o escuchar Marcos 9: 2-9. Este es el Domingo de la Transfiguración, que en el año de la iglesia viene justo antes de la Cuaresma. ¿Qué puede hacer para mantener viva la belleza y la luz de Jesús en su conciencia a través de todo lo que va surgiendo? ¿Meditará en Él en esta semana?