January 21, 2018, Lectionary

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I ask myself, Am I reluctant to preach God's righteousness? Do I fail to include that, for God, justice is always mixed with mercy? Jonah 3:1-5, 10

Trust in God at all times; pour out your heart before God! Don't trust in oppression, robbery, riches, or strength. Psalm 62:5-12

Paul's expectation shows up when he writes, Time is short and the fashions of this world don't matter. I ponder, How does my expectation show up. 1 Corinthians 7:29-31

To follow Jesus is not so much to do what I think Jesus would do as to be where I think Jesus is. The going and doing are mere by-products. Mark 1:14-20

Thoughts about Listening

Sometimes the worst circumstances give us the best illustrations of love. Jonah 3:1-5, 10

I hope you know someone to whom it's okay to pour out your heart, to tell your deepest hurts and desires, to trust their listening and confidentiality. Psalm 62:5-12

Pondering, What can I take with me when I leave this world? Wouldn't that or those be the thing(s) to focus on now? 1 Corinthians 7:29-31

Every choice I make, even the one I think is miniscule, shapes my life and negates some things while opening up others. Mark 1:14-20

Bible Reading Group Homework

1.    Describe in your group a very successful time in your life and how you felt about it.

2.    Read or listen to Jonah 3:1-5, 10. Scan the whole story of Jonah and re-tell it with feeling for each character. This passage shows the success of Jonah’s witness and the certainty of God’s mercy, as the people of the city came together in response to this crisis.

3.    Read or listen to Psalm 62:5-12. Find, list, and discuss several things from this reading that a person can do to grow and show more trust in God.

4.    Read or listen to 1 Corinthians 7:29-31. Tell in your own words and discuss what Paul had to say about time and fashion here on earth.

5.    Read or listen to Mark 1:14-20. What was Jesus’ message, and how was it like that of Jonah? Who followed Jesus in this reading and how was trust in God involved? Name as many ways as you can think of in which this following of Jesus changed their lifestyles right then? Given the shortness of time that Paul mentioned, how will you respond to Jesus today?


1.    Describa a su  grupo un momento muy exitoso en su vida y cómo se siente al respecto.

2.    Leer o escuchar  Jonás 3: 1-5, 10. Analizar toda la historia de Jonás y repítalo con el sentimiento para cada personaje. Este pasaje muestra el éxito del testimonio de Jonás y la certeza de la misericordia de Dios, ya que la gente de la ciudad se unió en respuesta a esta crisis.

3.    Leer o escuchar el Salmo 62: 5-12. Encuentre, enumere y analice en esta lectura varias cosas que una persona puede hacer para crecer y mostrar más confianza en Dios.

4.    Leer o escuchar 1 Corintios 7: 29-31. Cuente con sus  propias palabras y analice lo que Pablo dijo sobre el tiempo y la moda aquí en la tierra.

5.    Leer o escuchar Marcos 1: 14-20. ¿Cuál fue el mensaje de Jesús y cómo fue el de Jonás? ¿Quién siguió a Jesús en esta lectura y cómo estuvo involucrada la confianza en Dios? Nombre tantas formas como pueda pensar en las cuales este seguimiento de Jesús cambió sus estilos de vida en ese momento. Dado el poco tiempo que Pablo mencionó, ¿cómo responderá a Jesús hoy?