December 31, 2017, Lectionary

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It's a marvelous day to call on all nature to praise God! Sunshine here. In other places snow and sparkles, oak trees and hibernating squirrels, all glorifying God. Psalm 148

Because Jesus came the way He did, I get to be a daughter and heir of God, receptor of one of God's greatest gifts, the Holy Spirit who makes me know my Father. Galatians 4:4-7

The old was honored (the temple, obedience to the law, the elderly), and the new was welcomed (Jesus, leading by the Holy Spirit, the young family). Luke 2:22-40

Thoughts about Listening

Today is a day for listening to the family. Just step back and listen, hear the past as context for the present and wisdom for the future. Isaiah 61:10-62:12

The church year begins December 1. The western civil year begins January 1. My personal year begins December 26, the first day I can feel the turn around of the sun's declension. I'm praising God. Psalm 148

The time in this world was right for the coming of the baby Jesus. The time will again be right, one day soon, for the return coming of Jesus. Galatians 4:4-7

Honor the old and welcome the new or young. Luke 2:22-40

Bible Reading Group Homework

1.    Tell in your group how you will honor the lessons learned in 2017 and how you will welcome the opportunities in 2018.

2.    Read or listen to Isaiah 61:10-62:3. When you read the Bible, and when you praise Jesus, what do you do in your mind to remember that these came from the Jews by God’s plan? Read again, together, aloud, these verses, picturing the roles of Jews and non-Jews in bringing glory to God.

3.    Read or listen to Psalm 148. Make a list of things on which you will call in the new year to praise the Lord.

4.    Read or listen to Galatians 4:4-7. Consider and discuss your heritage and inheritance as it stands in your adoption through Christ as sons and daughters of God. List some things you can do today to honor the heritage and welcome the inheritance.

5.    Read or listen to Luke 2:22-40. List what is old and what is new, and what is young, in this story. Discuss the ways in which there was here both honor for the old, and welcome for the new and young. How will you let your attitudes be shaped by this reading?


1.    Diga a su grupo cómo honrará las lecciones aprendidas en el 2017 y cómo dará la bienvenida a las oportunidades en el 2018.

2.    Leer o escuchar Isaías 61: 10-62: 3. Cuando usted lee la Biblia, y cuando alaba a Jesús, ¿qué es lo que hace en su mente para recordar que éstos proceden de los Judios por el plan de Dios? Nuevamente lean juntos, en voz alta, estos versículos, describiendo el papel de los judíos y no judíos para traer gloria a Dios.

3.    Leer o escuchar el Salmo 148. Haga una lista de las cosas a las que convocará en el nuevo año para alabar al Señor.

4.    Leer o escuchar Gálatas 4: 4-7. Considere y analize su patrimonio y herencia tal como está en su adopción a través de Cristo como hijos e hijas de Dios. Enumere algunas cosas que puede hacer hoy para honrar el patrimonio y darle la bienvenida a la herencia.

5.    Leer o escuchar Lucas 2: 22-40. Haga una lista en esta historia, de lo que es viejo y lo que es nuevo, y lo que es joven. Discuta las formas en las que hay tanto honor por los ancianos, como son bienvenidos los nuevos y jóvenes. ¿Cómo dejará que sus actitudes se formen con esta lectura?