Revelation 20:1-15

1.    Make a spread sheet or mural with four columns, headed: “Event,” “Before,” “During,” and “After.” Add the two events from Revelation 19 in the “Before” column:
    •    19:11 - Jesus comes from heaven
    •    19:21 - Remnant of God-resistors die by the sword

2.    Read or listen to Revelation 20:1-15, noting all the mentions of 1,000 years. Now enter on your spreadsheet these events in the columns indicated, as related to the 1,000 years.
    •    20:2 - Satan bound - “Before”
    •    20:2 - Satan stays bound - “During”
    •    20:3,7 - Satan loosed - “After”
    •    20:4,6 - God’s witnesses/saints are with Jesus - “During”
    •    20:5 - First resurrection (witnesses/saints) - “Before”
    •    20:5 - Second resurrection (remnant/resistors) - “After”

3.    Read or listen to Revelation 20:9-21:2. Then place additional events in the “After” column: God’s witnesses/saints are in the city. Satan incites war against the city/saints. God-resistors are devoured by fire. Satan is sent into the fire. Second death of God-resistors. Holy city descends from heaven.

4.    Read again Revelation 20:10,14-15. Who goes into the fire?

5.    Read or listen again to Revelation 20:1-15. Ponder your spreadsheet and follow the fortunes around the 1,000 years of these: witnesses/saints, remnant/resistors, Satan, earth itself.

Finale: What means the most to you out of today’s reading of Revelation 20:1-15? What will you do about it now?