Romans 13:1-14

1.    More pieces somewhat like the book of Proverbs. Some scholars think that Romans 13:1-7 is a later interpolation and actually in disaccord with the rest of Romans. Scan chapters 12 and 13 without this part and see what you think.

2.    Give a topical heading or theme statement for Romans 13:1-7. Do you have any sense of conflict here between this and Romans 12:2 or other passages we have studied? What do you think Paul would say about civil disobedience and nonviolent resistence, either for Jews or for the nations?

3.    Give a topical heading or theme statement for Romans 13:8-10. Are there ideas and references in this section that you think you could use in some discussions you’ve had in the past over love and law?

4.    Give a topical heading or theme statement for Romans 13:11-14. Are there any other parts of this letter to the Romans that are recalled to your mind by these words? See Romans 6:11.

5.    What joy or excitement comes to you from this text? What questions arise for you out of the reading of this text? What did you learn that was new to you, or a new way of looking at something? What does this text tell you about God and about yourself? About humans in general?

Old Testament References
13:1    Psalm 75:5-7; Proverbs 21:1; Daniel 4:17
13:8    Ecclesiastes 8:2
13:9    Exodus 20:1-17