A Life of Listening Benefits Health

A life of listening has its health benefits:

  • Less stressful than talking or thinking you must talk.
  • Reminds you that you don't have to fix the world and others.
  • Makes you wise to stay out of trouble.
  • Keeps your foot out of your mouth.
  • Lets others think perhaps you are a very wise person . . . and you are!
  • Brings you information, which is power.
  • Lets you think before you speak, look before you leap.
  • Blesses your relationships.
  • Lets you hear your body's needs.
  • Lets you hear the still small voice of God.
  • Finds others with whom you can take turns listening to each other.
  • Using a good listener releases stress.
  • Using a good listener makes you more available to listen to others.

Some time ago, I taught and facilitated many health seminars in the management of weight, stress, grief, and smoking cessation. It surprised me to realize the basic common denominator to success in any of these lay in bringing people together and teaching them to take turns listening to each other. Personally, I had no listeners at that time, and my soul cried out in that lack. Since then, I have corrected that lack, and now my business and my ministry is to help others do the same.

I have confirmed for myself that a life of listening has its health benefits.