How the Spiritual Mentor Plan Works

This spiritual mentor plan is based solely on choice. It is neither legislated nor policed. There are no requirements. When we are ready, we simply ask.

Confidentiality. Only as we practice confidentiality can we truly help one another on the deeper levels. In each spiritual mentor relationship we try to clarify the confidentiality available.

Some of us have a policy to keep no secrets from our spouses. Many children are encouraged to have a "no-secrets" policy with the parents. Confidentiality, in these instances, would request trust, and trustworthiness, in the spiritual mentor''s spouse or parents.

We tell our story and only our story. When serving as spiritual mentor, we sometimes find another''s story becoming part of ours in our reactions and involvement. We need the trust of those we serve, allowing us to share with our own spiritual mentors how their story impacts us, ever guarding their identity and cherishing their trust. Confidentiality is a matter of trust.

Where confidentiality touches our pastor or another professional, we recognize that he or she is required by law to report any acts or stated intentions which are against the law. Our pastor practices referral policies to find help for persons so involved.