What Does a Spiritual Mentor Do?

In a nutshell, a spiritual mentor shares with another the special love and experience of the Gospel in at least the following ways:

Live personal Christianity as he or she understands it.

Participate in daily Bible study, prayer, sharing, and church actiivities.

Be available, either at regular specified times, or on a "call-me-when-you-need-me" basis, as mutually agreed.

Listen. Listen non-judgmentally. Listen while the other sorts out his or her story. Listen for ways in which the special love and experience of the Gospel could impact that story.

Share. Tell his or her own story, how the Gospel works for himself or herself, especially in situations similar to the other''s.

Do not tell the other''s story. Do not give advice, make another''s decisions, hold expectations about growth, or point out faults.

If asked for evaulation or advice, a spiritual mentor may tell his or her own story (experience, opinion) relating to the issue in question.

Encourage. See and talk of growth and possibilities. Believe progress is possible.

Recognize his or her own limitations. One cannot "fix" or change another person. It is unwise to do for others what they can do for themselves. None but God is the ultimate spiritual mentor.

Clarify and practice confidentiality even regarding the identity of any spiritual mentor.