Four Introductory Facts about Communication

Communication takes two, maybe two parts of the same thing, maybe the self acting as two, usually two or more people. Communication requires a sender and receiver, encoder and decoder, talker and listener, initiation and feedback.

Communication is a process, not complete without feedback, not accomplished in a moment, maybe never finished. Communication continues whether or not the people involved are thinking about it or intending to communicate.

Communication is difficult. Both sender and receiver have filters (beliefs, history, needs, wants) that color the message. Both sender and receiver experience static (interruptions, irritations, distractions) that distort the message.

Communication is worth the effort! There is a bonding and euphoria when it really works. There is something satisfied inside, that says, "This is what I was made for." Quiet strength communication increases trust, happiness, and flow.

Copyright 2014 Wilma Zalabak