How Can We Help on Franklin Road?

Help Through Grace Chapel Fellowship
1.    Provide translators
2.    Provide transportation
3.    Provide copies, crafts, books, or Bibles
4.    Donate to Grace Chapel Fellowship for rent or salary
5.    Hire Wilma as speaker, pianist, organist, or piano teacher
6.    Read and brainstorm on Grace Chapel Fellowship’s business plan

Help Through YELLS, Inc.
1.    Provide youth mentors and event workers
2.    Help with upcoming construction/remodeling projects
3.    Donate for facilities, furnishings, and program supplies

Help Through Franklin Road Community Association
1.    Provide translators
2.    Give school supplies in summer and/or toys for Christmas
3.    Give Easter egg candy in spring and/or turkeys for Thanksgiving
4.    Help mentor adults for community leadership
5.    Volunteer at the events

Help Through Your Own Dream Project
(More information in the Grace Chapel Fellowship business plan)
1.    Trash pickup
2.    Stream restoration and green space creation
3.    Mobile book delivery and/or storytelling unit
4.    Medical clinic for undocumented clients offering common prescriptions, dental extractions, cataract removals, etc., with the transportation, translation, and payment plans accessible to undocumented clients
5.    Community Recreation Center/Library/Meeting Rooms/Playing Fields. There are ten acres of undeveloped land coming up for sale soon. This project would need to fit in and coordinate with the City’s plans for Franklin Road.