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Thank you very much for your concern that Wilma Zalabak's ministry remain on firm financial footing.

Grace Chapel Fellowship, is a church, and therefore is a non-profit organization and can receive tax-deductible donations. Please be sure to include a clearly readable return address so we can send your receipt. Please make your check payable and mailed to

  • Grace Chapel Fellowship
  • P. O. Box 252
  • Smyrna, GA 30081

Grace Chapel Fellowship accepts with gratitude any donations for its work on Franklin Road and for its website and project production and maintenance. Thank you by the grace of Jesus.

Grace Chapel Fellowship does not accept donations labeled "tithe." Please give your tithe to a different local church, preferably one where you attend. Then, as God blesses you, your gifts beyond the tithe do bless Wilma Zalabak's ministry. Thank you.