June 2, 2019, Lectionary

They accused Paul of preaching against the Roman Empire. I suppose teaching repentance instead of power and accumulation might indeed be considered against the empire. Acts 16:16-34

Reading Psalm 97 this morning, I am overwhelmed with thinking of the power, authority, and holiness of God. I ask for God's presence in my life and realize that God's presence takes over the room.

It is interesting to try to figure out and keep straight who is talking in each part of Revelation 22:10-21

I love it that Jesus prayed for those who will come to faith because of the disciples witness. That means Jesus prayed forĀ  me and those who come to faith because of my witness. John 17:20-26

Thoughts about Listening

Listening to where the various people are can grant you a prior advantage when you want to speak. Acts 16:16-34

I find that I can have as large a presence in a room of people, by being quiet as by being loud. Psalm 97

I get to testify only to the things I know. I get to listen to things I know and things I don't know. Revelation 22:10-21

While considering the legacy I leave for my children and grandchildren, I also consider the legacy I leave for the children of the homeless or otherwise marginalized. John 17:20-26