May 19, 2019, Lectionary

God had to tell Peter three times and give him a metaphor and a dream to get him to open his mind and friendships toward a whole class of people. What will God have to do for us? Acts 11:1-18

Pondering: What authority is it that can call on, or actually command, all humans, animals, and mindless nature to praise the Lord?  Psalm 148

Receiving the water of life is possible now and in the future. Nothing else satisfies. John 4:14; Revelation 21:1-6

Loving one another as Jesus loved us means giving grace, forgiveness, and emotional space for others. John 13:31-35

Thoughts about Listening

What's the difference between nagging and assertive repetition? I can think of a few contraindications for the use of repetition. Acts 11:1-18

I really can be grateful, even for someone yelling at me, if I work hard in my mind. But I think I will not tell the yeller that I figured out how to be grateful. Psalm 148

Let your vision, dream, mission materialize in your imagination. Describing the picture to a good listener also sometimes helps to keep on track. Revelation 21:1-6

I think giving love means giving listening. John 13:31-35